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Humble Home Cleaning Services, LLC is extremely proud to offer carpet cleaning using the Rotovac® system. This system is incredible! We shopped very carefully for the carpet cleaning method that would best remove dirt, dust, dander, stains and high-traffic areas and we certainly found it. This system was first tested on our own carpets and the results were absolutely amazing!! Green solutions available!!

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How it works :

The Rotovac® power heads both agitate the carpet and vacuum the moisture and dirt from the carpet using the heads shown below. Instead of relying on the technician’s back-breaking physical effort of using an ordinary steam-cleaning wand, the Rotovac® power wand’s powerful motors easily and thoroughly clean the carpet. We are also equipped for areas, such as stairs, that require smaller traditional wands. Area rugs? Not a problem…


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The Results :

Simply amazing!! The Rotovac® cleans like no other system out there, which is why we chose it for Humble Home Cleaning Services, LLC. High traffic area grime disappears, the carpet nap is picked up, and we can pre-treat various stains that may plague your carpet. Check out this illustration of what the Rotovac® can do to the grime we drag into our homes from outside.

Watch these results as they happen in the video below:

We are confident you will be supremely pleased with the results you get with the combination of the Rotovac® system and Humble Home Cleaning Services, LLC. While not all carpets are redeemable, you have the best chance of reviving life into your carpets with this system and our dedication to quality service!!